5 Best Sippy Cups 2019: Review

Finding a sippy cup that you and your little one love is actually hard! I bought so many sippy cups (and watched so many YouTube reviews). Many of the cups I bought simply didn’t work for us. I also had other sippy cups given to me that I figured would never worked that ultimately worked out great! We ended up with an outrageous amount of sippy cups overall. I have complied a list of my top 5 sippy cups ranging from the best water bottle, to the most affordable sippy cup. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your search for your families favourite sippy!

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# 1 Water Bottle: Contigo

This blog has been update to reflect the recall on this sippy cup on Aug 27, 2019. The water bottle’s clear silicone spout in some cases may detach from the lid. If you already own one of these, contact Contigo for inspection instructions and a free replacement lid. To see the recall visit the Contigo facebook page here. We have listed some great alternatives below.


The children’s Contigo bottle has been great for water. It has a soft straw spout that has been very easy for my son to use. I actually introduced this bottle by accident. My son was teething and reached for my own water bottle. I let him have it thinking he would just chew on the straw for pain relief and to my surprise he immediately started drinking water! He took to this bottle better than any other sippy cup right away. I love the Contigo because it is a long-term investment. These bottles can be used long beyond toddler-hood especially if you invest in the stainless steel version.


This bottle is pretty hard to clean. I use a straw cleaner to clean inside the straw but even still it’s tough to clean inside the lid. For this reason I exclusively use this cup for water and not milk. It was also a bit tough for my little guy to hold onto since it is not meant for infants, but with time this was a non-issue. This is a pretty expensive bottle especially since it can’t be used for milk.

Bottom Line:

Great for a long-term water bottle but too tough to clean for milk.

Best Transition: Munchkin 360


Munchkin Miracle 360-Degree Trainer Cup, 10 Ounce $7.99

This cup is awesome! It simulates a real cup which is supposed to help your little one learn to drink from a real cup sooner and it is highly recommended by dentists too! I purchased mine second hand and it came with training handles which were really helpful in the early days when my son was learning to tip a cup. It’s easy to clean, just make sure you peel the silicone cover off of the lid for a thorough wash to prevent build up or mold growth. This is a pretty affordable sippy cup as well.


Munchkin Miracle 360-Degree Trainer Cup, 7 Ounce $7.99

There was a bit of a learning curve for this cup. Since my son was used to nursing or using a bottle he had a really hard time keeping the liquid in his mouth with this cup. The training handles were great in the early days but they aren’t removable and they are a bit cumbersome once your child no longer needs them. I’d prefer a cup that removes these handles so we can use the product longer.

Bottom Line

This is a great cup especially to help teach your little one to drink from a real cup without the use of a spout. However, I have ultimately found that my son doesn’t like to drink from it because of the leaking. The milk spills all over the place and we typically give up pretty quickly. This is probably a better option for older toddlers.

Most Common: Platex Sipsters Straw Cups

Playtex Baby Sipsters Spill-Proof Straw Training Cup with Removable Handles, Stage 1 (4+ Months), Pack of 1 Cup $11.32
Playtex Baby Sipsters Spill-Proof Straw Sippy Cups, Stage 2 (9 Months+), Pack of 2 Cup $8.97


This sippy cup is easy for my son to handle. It comes with removable handles which are great as you transition away from needing the training handles. There is a flip mechanism that pushes the straw down when its not in use preventing leaks. This is a very affordable option for a sippy cup. These are readily available which is great if you’re out and need a sippy cup in a pinch. I have seen these in local grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.


There are too many moving parts that need to be washed. When it comes to sippy cups I like to keep it simple. I want a cup that I can wash thoroughly and easily without needing special tools. The straw on this cup is very ridged, small and circular. I found this made it hard for my son to actually draw the liquid out. He prefers a sippy cup with a larger spout or straw.

Bottom Line

This cup is not ideal for us. It’s too hard to clean and not easy to use for my son.

Great addition to bottles: MAM Transition Cup

MAM Trainer Cup, Trainer Cups for Babies with Handles, Boy, 8 Ounces, 1-Count $7.97


This is very similar to the MAM bottle’s which was great because I could switch between the transition nipple and training nipple easily. The training handles also fit perfectly on the regular MAM bottles. The parts come apart easily and are easy to clean. The bottle narrows in the middle which makes it easy for little ones to grasp. It comes with a dust cap which is great for on the go and this cup didn’t leak at all even when tipped!


This didn’t actually help my son transition to a sippy cup. It mostly just served as an extension of our bottle set. My son didn’t understand how to pinch the transition nipple properly with his mouth to successfully drink from the cup.

Bottom Line

I loved the compatibility with my MAM bottle set. Truthfully, I LOVED the training handles and mostly just used those on my bottles to make a hybrid bottle. They helped my son learn how to drink his bottle without assistance from mommy. However, this didn’t really help him transition away from bottle use. He didn’t understand how to properly use the transition nipples. But, the handles were so great I’d consider buying these again just for the handles!

Most Affordable: Take and Toss

The First Years Take and Toss 10-Ounce Spill-Proof Sippy Cup $4.99


This is my favorite sippy cup. It’s cheap, its simple and its easy to use. These are so affordable that if you lose them it really doesn’t break the bank. They are simple to keep clean– I rinse and toss these into the dishwasher. They are very portable especially if you buy the spill proof cap. A couple of times the lids have slide down in my dishwasher and melted. This is preventable with a mesh bag but honestly I wasn’t too upset since these are so affordable.


There was a bit of a learning curve with these sippy cups. My son didn’t really get the hang of them until he was nearly 12 months old. The ones I purchased do not come with training handles so they are a little harder to grasp with tiny hands. Although, these handles are available on Amazon. They are also difficult for younger baby’s because the flow is fast and it is hard for little ones to keep up especially if they are accustomed to nursing or slow flow nipples. Over time the lids might weaken and fall off when tossed. They do leak if tipped upside down so a leak proof cap is necessary.

Bottom Line

This cup is a real winner for me. The durability is great especially considering the cost. The actual product is so simple making it very easy to clean. No special cleaning tools needed! For the price you really can’t go wrong. Even though the product is super cheap it has actually held up really well for us. We have been using these for 4 months and we have been completely careless with them. They’ve survived many tosses, dishwasher rides and teething episodes. I actually purchased the entire “Feeding Variety Pack” which is a 28 piece set including spoons, forks, small/ medium bowls with lids and 7 10oz cups for $14.97 on Amazon.

Contigo Alternatives that we love.

Contigo alternatives that we love.

Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle $27.00
CamelBak Eddy Kids Vacuum Stainless Water Bottle

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