How I (try to) Stay Organized

I think I’m a fairly organized person however, all of the things listed below happen on good days. I have bad days, a lot of them, I often feel overwhelmed and chaotic in my daily life. I cling to these processes to keep me from bursting with anxiety.

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love list. I mostly love writing them, I’m satisfied with checking items off and I’m content with actually doing activities that are on the list. I constantly have things running through my head so I use the notepad app on my phone to jot things down as I think of them, because, mom brain. If I don’t write it down in that moment it will be gone forever.

Power Clean

This is a big one for me. After my son goes to bed I spend 15-30 minutes power tidying my living room and kitchen. I will put toys away, wash bottles and sippy cups, clean up anything left from dinner and prepare lunches for the next day. At this time I will throw in a load of laundry, take out the garbage and do any adulting that I couldn’t when my little one was awake.

Synced Calendar with Spouse

You might be reading this thinking, “Ya, everyone does this”. Well, when I discovered that you can have a synced calendar it was a life changer. With busy lives and separate commitments sharing a calendar meant that I could see when my husband was working different shifts and he could see if we had plans to go somewhere on the weekend. It really did streamline our lives and avoided a lot of conflicts. We put shifts schedules, outings, appointments and vacations in it.

Weekly Menu and Grocery Shopping

Our weekly meal plan with space for take out! yum!

Once a week, usually on a Friday I write a menu for the following week. I write the menu down on a whiteboard that’s on my fridge (Buy it here) and write out my grocery list based off that menu. I mainly use Pinterest for meal ideas, it’s amazing! I also refer to my google calendar while generating my menu. This way I will know how much prep time I will have on that specific day or if it’s just going to be a leftover day. I try to keep dinners healthy, but there’s always a pizza night or a day left blank when I know it will be a busy day and we will probably order in. I have found this process helps with food waste and cost savings. I only buy what I know we will cook and eat.

Everything has a Place

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. My husband is good at many things, but putting things in their rightful place is not one of them. I generally put things away when I am done using them to keep my house clutter free. If I know I will be using an item in the next couple of days it will sit out on my counter. But if it’s going to more than a day or two it goes back to its home. I have a two story home, so if something belong upstairs I will place it on the stairs and carry it up the next time I go.


Laundry is something that can pile up so fast, like in a day or two, and seem never ending. I want to do as little work as possible and am not into ironing, so I tend to by wrinkle free clothing and I always fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. I know that is a huge issue for some people, so let me clarify. I do not jump and fold the laundry as soon as it’s finished drying. Laundry sometimes stays in my dryer for a couple days before I have time to deal with it or remember it’s there, mom brain again. I wonder how much I can blame on mom brain? Probably a lot right? Ok, I’ll go with mom brain on this one. My dryer has an amazing refresh cycle where it will spritz the clothes with a tiny bit of water and then dry them again. Amazing right!! If your dryer doesn’t have this feature, you could put a small wet towel in with your clothes and it should do the same thing.

Anyways… I get the laundry from the dryer and fold it right away, usually while watching tv, or if my son is around he “helps” me fold. Which means he pulls all of my folded laundry off the couch and throws it around. He has started placing the clothes over his lap in the attempt to fold it, it’s pretty cute. I generally fold and put things away at least in the same day.

Organizing Drawers and Closets

I love Marie Kondo, I wish she would come to my house and get me to clean out our basement and crawl space! As far as the rest of the house, I’ve implemented some of her tools. My son’s dresser is organized completely, mine is not! During my nesting phase I went a little crazy. Everyone did right, it’s not just me? I took many trips to ikea during those days. Drawer dividers is one of the best things I got. Those tiny little clothes are such a pain in the ass! I fold them Marie Kondo style and stuff them into dividers with the edges up so I can see every piece, otherwise they would be lost forever.

As for my clothing drawers, they aren’t as organized, but I try to keep my closet organized by clothing type as least. Pants together, short sleeve, long sleeve, blazers etc. This is a bit of a time saver in the morning as well.

Say No More Often

Organization is just about the physical things in your life like laundry, lists and cleaning. Having your mind clear and organized is just as (if not more) important. I organize my life to fit in time for me to do whatever you enjoy doing. If I had plans to sit in my pj’s after my son goes to bed and eat snacks I will likely say no to your last minute invite. Sorry, but me time is precious and just as valuable as money.

Avoid Perfection

No one is perfect and if you can accept that fact that you will try and fail a lot of the time it will save you a lot of stress. This is true not just in staying organized, but also in life. You can always try again tomorrow.

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