Monica Montague

My name is Monica and I am a Mom. I actually never wanted to be the person who described themselves as a mom first because I’m so much more! I guess that’s something about my experience so far – too many misconceptions. I am so many other things but this Mom piece has really become the foundation for everything else. It changes how I look at literally everything… people on the street, the teenager who served me my ice cream the other day….

Professionally, I have my B.A as a Child Youth Counsellor and my Child and Youth Worker Diploma. I’ve studied and worked as a Child and Youth Counsellor for the last 10 years (EEK!). I am Triple P trained so I support children and youth struggling with mental health concerns and illness but I’ve also worked with parents providing parenting support and coaching. I really enjoy the family piece of my job and thought it was so great to have going into this new mom position.

Becoming a mom didn’t really come quick for me and so I had a lot of time to daydream about what it would be like… picnics in the park, cuddling a sleepy baby… oh that ‘sleepy’ baby!

It’s not that I was naive or uneducated. I read all the books! I help other families! I just had no idea what being a Mom really meant and how to do it. I soon found out my mom, my grandmother, my aunt… no one really knew. These were the women I was going to for advice. Not one of them really knew what the ‘right’ way was. Poopy diaper? Too warm? Too cold? Who knows?

I soon found out (it’s a recurring lesson) that being a mom is doing the best you can and showing up. I really rely on the mom’s around me. I value their ideas, input and affirmation. In fact I often find myself asking random moms at parks and grocery stores, how did you sleep train? What food are you feeding yours? This is why I am so excited about this new adventure! 

This is literally everything my year on mat leave has been, all wrapped up in a podcast! So here’s to all of the moms out there, trying to figure out the ‘right’ way:  this one’s for you!