3 Mommates

Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we doing this?

We are Ashley, Monica and Krystal. We are 30 something year old, first time moms of boys. We are making it through life with a large coffee in the am and a large glass of wine in the pm. We met by chance when we were pregnant and held on to each other for dear life through heartburn, joint pain, antenatal depression, postpartum depression, early labour, late labour, no sleep, ear plugs, schedules, peeing a little bit while you laugh, tears, tears and more tears. We held on because we knew the only person that really knew what was happening and what eachother needed to hear was a fellow mom. A mom raising a child in this day, with today’s societal pressures, with dynamic families, personal ambitions, daily struggles and lots of love to give. We held on and held eachother up through the tough days, milestones and celebrations.

We have different backgrounds and experiences but our morals and values align.

We are doing this because we want all new moms to have a safe place to go. We know how hard and isolating it can be as a new mom when your village is scattered and support systems aren’t what they need to be. We are also doing this for us. Just like everyone we still have things to work on in our own experiences. We love to express ourselves.

Learn more about us

Krystal Nagy
For most of my adult life I wasn’t even sure… Read More

Ashley Byckalo
I am a new mom of a beautiful toddler boy. Well, can I still… Read More

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